Bus Services to Oxford and Abingdon


The cost of running the No. 44 bus service between Abingdon and Oxford via Boars Hill is approximately £100 000 pa. Of this the bus company raises only about £25 000 from passenger revenue and the balance, some £75 000 pa, is received as a subsidy from Oxford County Council.  OCC is having to make economies and has decided that there are more important priorities than subsidising a bus service which rarely carries more than a handful of passengers and sometimes none at all.  It was reported at the meeting of Sunningwell Parish Council held on 11th May that the service will cease to operate on 20th July 2016.



A daily bus service, except Sundays and public holidays, is run by Thames Travel tel # 01491 837988.

Route number 44 runs from Abingdon (War Memorial) via Sunningwell, Boars Hill and Botley to Oxford (via the station) and vice versa.  Note that morning journeys now start and finish in Castle St (M2) whilst PM journeys start and finish in New Road (E4).  The journey time from Boars Hill to Oxford or Abingdon is about 20 minutes.

In Boars Hill the service travels along Foxcombe and Berkeley Road to the Open University stop at Foxcombe Hall.

The Oxford Preservation Trust (OPT) has recently refurbished the attractive bus shelter here at the four way junction of Berkeley Road, Jarn Way, Ridgeway and Bedwells Heath.

The service is a hail and ride type so that travellers may also board the bus at any safe point along Foxcombe Road by raising their hand.  Similarly the bus driver may be requested to stop at any safe point along this route.

In addition there is an hourly service from Abingdon to Oxford which stops at the top of Hinksey Hill.  Look for bus number 31.  This involves a 15 minute walk along Foxcombe Road to or from the top of Hinksey Hill.  The service runs from about 7.00 until 23.00 with a reduced service on Saturdays and Sundays.  Buses leave Oxford station hourly strictly on the hour! For a full timetable see here.  NB the buses stop at the junction at the top of Hinksey Hill although the timetable refers to Bagley Wood Sawmill.

Map showing local bus services in the Boars Hill area.